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YES! NFCU Approved!

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YES! NFCU Approved!

I have to admit I was slightly tipsy last night when I decided to app!  I was originally planning on waiting until a number of inquiries dropped off this summer.  My Fico is in the low 600s currently and shortly after apping I was already regretting it....but!


This morning I checked the application status and it is APPROVED.  Smiley Very Happy


I know most people have said that it will show up in the accounts listing pretty quick - how long does that usually take?  I don't even mind if I get a super low-limit...I'm glad to have my foot in the door.  It was for the CashRewards Visa, by the way.  I've been using them as my primary checking with DD for about 6 months.

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Re: YES! NFCU Approved!

took 3 days for me.

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Re: YES! NFCU Approved!

Thanks!  Congrats on your approval as well.  Smiley Happy  Does it show APR and all that good stuff when it comes up, or do you need to wait for the mailing to see that?

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Re: YES! NFCU Approved!

Congrats!!!Smiley Happy

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Re: YES! NFCU Approved!

yep it shows you everything . link to the card will show up right below your checking and savings accounts and when i click it .. i see this


Credit Limit:$20,000.00
Available Credit:$20,000.00
Total Outstanding Authorizations:$0.00
Minimum Payment Due:$0.00
Next Due Date:N/A
Last Statement Balance:$0.00
Last Statement Date:N/A
Last Payment Amount:$0.00
Last Payment Date:N/A
YTD Interest Paid:$0.00
Annual Percentage Rate:14.65%
Rewards Available:$0.00
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Re: YES! NFCU Approved!

Woolfman - thanks!  Very cool - I'm anxious to see what limit they gave me.  Smiley Happy  This might be the first "real" card I've had in quite a while!  

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Re: YES! NFCU Approved!



I love my NFCU card!


My limit is pretty low but im hoping they will grow with me.

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Re: YES! NFCU Approved!

I just applied and was approved for $5,000 @ prime + 13.24%. Whoop Whoop. I have a 614 credit score. I was approved online instantly, I have had a checking account with them since I was 8 (25 now), so I guess they got my info since I logged in from my checking account.
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Re: YES! NFCU Approved!

I wouldn't say I was approved instantly but I only applied late last night and I checked early this morning (7AM CST) and it was already in approved status.  I put a note in with the application saying that I have been working on repairing my credit and would be willing to accept a low-limit if it allowed me the oppurtunity to build a relationship with NFCU.  I haven't had any late/derog in about 5 years so hopefully that helps.  

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Re: YES! NFCU Approved!

Just called in and here's what I got!!!


$5,000 Credit Limit


13.4% APR


Can't wait to get the card.  Smiley Surprised

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