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Yeehaw! "Pre-approval"


Yeehaw! "Pre-approval"

Okay, so two months ago I used the Orchard Bank website's preapproval thing and they said I qualified for a secured visa.

I just did it tonight to see if anything had changed and they showed a gold mastercard.

Nasty $79 annual fee + $19 activation = me no takey, thanks though OB!

Just wanted to share my good news. Hopefully I will hear back from B of A secured soon. I am terrified that it will not go through. But all I can do is hope.
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Re: Yeehaw! "Pre-approval"

$79 is not bad in way of a rebuilder card compared to first premier, cortrust and such.
may not be a bad option in addition to BofA to have more than 1 account.
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