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Your first and highest CL leap ...

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Re: Your first and highest CL leap ...

Thanks again for sharing . . .


I wanted to learn more about what I only imagined was a fact and from reading many of the post, the comments validate my thoughts.  I have been app. free for the last four years, but for no particular reason.  Recently, I have concentrated on paying my CC debt down, instead of seeking another CC with a high CL, which would be a easy way for utilization to increase my scores.


I have a BK (7), which has dropped from EX, and expected to drop Oct. 13' from EQ and TU.  I also have a paid CO that I am fighing because of a inaccurate posting of the DOFD.  Nevertheless,my purpose is to position myself for the best rates to purchase a home next year; I also would like to pursue a couple of the best cards for growth, and have targeted a couple of winners from this posting.


Thanks and eager to learn more . . .




EQ -- 688 ... 7/7/2012

TU -- 687 ... 6/15/2012

EX -- 711 ... 6/29/2012 Plus -- 808 vantage Score 7/8/2012


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