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Your hard work will pay off!!!

I thought I would share some information that might encourage others who have been on a credit comeback.  In April of 2012 I had a few crappy credit cards with toy limits, in fact, my highest limit was $1,100.00, sad I know.  I decided to begin the process to purchase a new car in February and was fortunate enough to find this site.  I spent two months learning the ins and outs of rebuilding credit and how to improve one’s score.  I was able to improve my score from the high 500’s to the very high 600’s within two months.  In April I applied for my loan and was approved for 4.75% 72 month loan, at the same time I applied for a visa and was approved for a $7,500.00 CL.  When I started the process in February I didn’t expect the results I got, and was amazed how powerful good information can be.  As May rolled around I was feeling confident about my credit scores so I applied for a Chase Freedom and although my scores were near 700, I only received a $500 CL, and I was very disappointed to be honest.  After doing some research, I decided to not apply for any more credit until my BK completely fell off of my reports and then I would have an almost clean CR.  In November of 2012 my reports were finally clean and my scores were moving up slightly.  I will tell you that I have a State tax lien that is released but is only 9 months old, so I am sure that is affecting my score somewhat.


So with the knowledge of a clean credit report I applied for an AMEX BCP and PRG card and was approved for both.  The BCP was opened with a $10,000 CL.  The best part was, I had an AMEX when I was 17 back in 1991 so they backdated both accounts to 1991 which really helped my AAoA.  Then  I waited like everyone else for that amazing 61 Day CLI and an early February I requested an increase to $25,000 (not a cent over, don’t need an FR’s) and was instantly approved!


Once I received my AMEX CLI I decided to apply for the additional cards I wanted before firmly planting myself in the garden, so over the past two weeks here are my results:


Called Capital One’s EO and got them to raise the limits on my 2 cards from $500 & $1000 to $5000 each-approved! Don’t give up on Capital One, their EO is awesome!


CSP Approved for $12,500


CITI Thank You Preferred Approved for $10,500


PenFed Rewards Visa Approved for $12,000


Costco TE Approved for $2,000 (I guess it is low because of my recent CLI on my BCP)


Kohl’s Approved for $1,000


Delta CU Visa CLI from $7,500 to $10,000


Called Chase EO and asked them to take a look at my Freedom card and its sad $500 limit and asked them to use the CSP application which they did, new limit, $10,000! No HP for the CLI


So keep working hard and stay focused!  To recap, since April of last year, I have purchased a BMW 550i and raised my credit limits from $4,500 to over $84,000 while keeping my utilization around 10%-15%  You can do it, use this board for guidance and direction and no question is a dumb question.  Have a great day!

AMEX BCP $26,600 CSP $12,000 Pen Fed Plat Rewards $12,000 Citi Thank You Preferred $10,500 Chase Freedom $10,000
Delta CU $10,000 Cap 1 X 2 $7,500 AMEX TE $2,000
HSN $1,700 Kohls $1,000 BBRZ $700

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Current Score: EQ-728 TU-730
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Re: Your hard work will pay off!!!

That is a wonderful success story! I'm very happy for you.

Congratulations on your new cards, your increases, and your new FICO scores!!

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Re: Your hard work will pay off!!!


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Re: Your hard work will pay off!!!

Awesome post.....way to go!!! You have something to be very proud of!!

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Re: Your hard work will pay off!!!

Wow! Awesome success story!
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Re: Your hard work will pay off!!!

Wow! Very inspiring story, thank you for sharing.  I hope to have a similar credit comeback in the future!

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Re: Your hard work will pay off!!!

What a great story! Big big congrats. I agree that asking questions here is the #1 thing that has helped me rebuild.


Maybe you should change your name on here  to BobBEAMER, heh?:smileytongue:

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Re: Your hard work will pay off!!!


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Re: Your hard work will pay off!!!

Great story, thanks for sharing.

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Re: Your hard work will pay off!!!

Congrats Bob!
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