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Your worst and best credit card


Re: Your worst and best credit card

My worst credit card is probably my JCP card that I received In 2008 at age 18. Its interest rate is over 26% standard and I avoid using it as much as possible. It does have one of my highest credit limits, however.

My best is a tie between my Blue Cash and my Sapphire Preferred. I use them more than any other card in my possession and the rewards are great. I got both of them at 22.
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Discover: IT
GE: JCP/Walmart Discover
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Re: Your worst and best credit card

This is really a difficult question for me as I never had any other cards than the ones in my signature. 

Worst for AF and no benefits was BofA with 15$ AF but this card is also my best for lowest APR (prime rate) now. BofA has shown me a lot of love and that is why I like to bank with them Smiley Happy


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Re: Your worst and best credit card

Worst for me was the Cap One Plat MC that started @ 500 which is now @ 2k

Best at the moment is Chase @ 2.5k


But I think in 6 months I should see a nice CLI across the board as my lates will be dropped and the last negative I have of a medical collection will be removed as well. Thats when I plan to finally have Credit Lines that I should have relative to my income. Until then, it's keep util low and rotating the cards around to use each of them while I wait for November.



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Re: Your worst and best credit card

Simply827 wrote:

I'd say my worse was my Credit One card with a $75 AF and $450 CL (might have started at $300). However, it wasn't the worst of the Credit One cards since it didn't have the monthly maintenance fees.

I had the Credit One card with the $8.95 monthly maintenance fee.  After the CARD Act was passed, which limited the fees they could charge, Credit One tried to make me pay for CLIs.  Yeah, right.  I was so glad when I got rid of that card.  I never even should have gotten it, but it was from before I joined this forum.


My current best card is my BankAmericard 123 Cash Rewards Visa.  It has a $7000 CL and 9.9% APR.  I probably could have gotten a higher limit if I had asked for it, but $7000 is fine for now.  Maybe next year I'll ask for another CLI.

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

My worst: BofA BankAmericard secured Cash Rewards credit card with a 2k limit


My best: the same card graduated: BofA BankAmericard Cash Rewars credit card with a 12k limit, annual fee removed


BofA is just awesome.

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

My worst was Orchard with a $300 CL and $59 annual fee.  I think there was also an application fee.


Within a few months I had a WF Visa with a $11K limit, an AMEX with $2K and NFCU with a higher CL than WF.  You can see the current limits below after 3+ years.

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

crapone for sure.  besides the 0% APR for 12mos BT, it's a SD.  ExO cancelled my AF this round, but once I get my CLs up on my other cards, I'm shutting this one down before the next AF hits.

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

My worst: Applied Card Bank at 29.99% APR; no grace period; $15 monthly fee (which was later reduced to $5). My CL started at $500 and increased to $2150. I hadn't used it in over a year and a half and they keep sending me offers to increase the limit for a $100 fee. No thank you! I closed this card last week! .


My best: I consider the BCP to be my "best"at the moment because of the 6% cash back on groceries. The FreedomSig. gets the most usage though.

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

My worst card was capital one secured card, with $1300 limit. And finally able to get rid of it! But I would say discover is worst in regard to CL!


My highest limit is Amex BCE, $5000. It took me 8 months to get this card after I got my first card.

Last App: 09/17/2013 // No App Until: Mortgage (05/14?)

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

My best revolving credit card would have to be my BankAmericard with a $2.5k CL.


My worst would have to be my Discover Open Road (started at $500, auto CLI $150 for a CL of $650) I PC'd to the IT and requested a CLI but CSR advised to wait until acct is one year old (November)


18 year old building credit, so can't complain too much!

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