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Your worst and best credit card

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

I've never had what most would consider to be a bad card on its face. 


That said, my personal worst was my now closed US Bank Platinum Visa account.  US Bank kept increasing the apr for no good reason and slashing my limit.  Worst of all, they refused to remiburse me for fradulent charges that they acknowledged weren't mine, on the grounds that I didn't send in the requested fraud affidavit in a timely matter, which wasn't true.  I saved a copy of the certified receipt, in addition to copies of paperwork mailed to them, after filling it out and notorizing it the same day I received it.  I ended up having to file in small claims court against them before they finally settled the matter with me.  Needless to say, I moved on shortly thereafter, as it was among the worst customer service I've ever received from any business.


My personal best to date is probably the Chase Sapphire Preferred account.  Whenever I've called them about something, they were nothing but polite, professional, and helpful.  They even doubled my limit from $5k to $10k after a year of having the account, and were excellent in removing some fradulent charges that had occured on a couple of occassions. The only thing I wish is that the apr was lower, but I almost never carry a balance on any of my accounts, so I won't complain about that too much.  

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

When initially rebuilding it was Capitol One.

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

Don't really have a bad card - but I only have 2.


I think my "bad" card is my BoA Rewards Signature... I think because I don't really utilize the rewards system very well.  CL is I think $20K, I haven't bothered to really check or ask for a CLI.


My "good" card is my Disney Premier - used to be regular Disney but then I applied for the Premier upgrade.  I like it because of the rewards system and because we visit the Parks every year.  CL is $18,500 and I haven't asked for a CLI ever.


I would like a Palladium card though... but I'm so used to the Disney rewards system that I'm hesitant to get another card.

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

My best card: Delta Cummunity CU Visa - Interest rate 9.75% (lowest available), pending charges usually post the next day, payments post immediately.

My worst card: Navy Fed nRewards Visa - Interest rate 13.99%, pending charges take DAYS to post, payments take DAYS to post.


I'm not sure why Navy has such a slow system as far as charges and payments go. With my DCCU card, I know I can beat the reporting date so that it shows zero. With NFCU, i'm lucky if it takes less than five days for a charge to post (I still have three pending charges from 6-21-13). Payments are almost as bad. It took four days once for a payment to actually post and the balance to adjust.

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

Worst card First Premier at $350 CL. Annual fee was $75 + $9 per month, but what can I say, I was disparate. Since then, I am moving back toward good credit with a great deal of help coming from the forum! Best card currently is Chase Sapphire Preferred!

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

Worst card is Capital One Visa. Started with a $300 CL and after 2 years its a whopping $500. Though its my worst I can't bash it too bad because I was rebuilding credit at the time and now I have a lot great cards since.

Best card is my Citi AAdvantage but I have a feeling my Chase Sapphire Preferred card will change that especially after I get those 40K reward points in a few months. Citi gave me 30K and I'm using that to buy a American Airlines flight to Peru in December. My Amex cards are awesome too but I wanted to give some love to these great cards and we all already know how great AMEX is so no need to gloat!
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Re: Your worst and best credit card

I really dislike my us bank card. I've felt a lot of love fronting fidelity American express.

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

I only have two cards.....


Worst: Capital One Cash Rewards MC Which isn't exactly a bad card outside of the annual fee and small intial limit. 


Best: Discover It, I was just approved for this card and I will be using it a lot. 



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Re: Your worst and best credit card

Orbit68 wrote:

Worst card First Premier at $350 CL. Annual fee was $75 + $9 per month

I had one of those.  It was called First National Bank or something. lol  That was one of the worst cards ever!

The best card for me would be Amex.  They took me back in after awhile.

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Re: Your worst and best credit card

Worst Card: Capital One; $500 starting limit, no AF, 15.80 APR. Now closed. Never ever ever ever ever gave a CLI.


Best Card: Probably my Discover card. Beginning limit $7500, now $9000. No AF. I wish the APR was lower, but I'm still in the 0% interest until 01/2014, and I rarely carry a balance when I have to pay interest. Taxes are bad enough, lol.



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