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Zales Credit Card

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Zales Credit Card

I got a Zales Credit Card back in 1998. Currently it is my oldest card. For years I thought the account had been closed since Jewelers National bank had closed. My CR's show this account as open with a $1200 limit, $0 balance. Do I mess with this or should I just leave it? The $1200 limit really helps with my utilzation numbers and this is a card in good standing and again, my oldest card, so my AAoA could take a hit if I do anything regarding this card that could have it removed from my CR's. The card hasn't been used in 10 years. I tried to look up my account on the Zales website and it wasn't found so I can't use this card. Not sure what to do about this.

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Re: Zales Credit Card

If its only doing good, then leave it. I have a card with WFFNB that is my oldest card and has a 0 balance, and decent credit line. I closed it years ago but since its my oldest card and has no balance I dont touch it. Keeps my AAoA high.

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