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amex question

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amex question

so I have a Bcp that i opened in Nov/11. I got a cli on it in july/12 and a week later applied for and recieved my HH amex. I am trying to get my 61 day cli on the hh and the automated system says no because i have to wait 6 mos between cli. So do i NOT get the 61st day increase????

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Re: amex question

Amex cardmembers can only have 1 credit limit increase every 6 months, even if they have multiple cards.  So, you'll have to wait until 6 months are up from your last increase on your BCP to apply for a credit limit increase on your new HH card.  If you want a higher limit on that card right away, I think you should be able to move some of your limit from your old card to it.

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