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bill me later? hard pull?

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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

thank for all you guys!


I need to study more here 

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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

i got pissed because i did a recent purchase on ebay using my bill me later and all the sudden i see a hard inquiry for paypal credit (formally bill me later). with a different account number and everything. Im trying to contact both bill me later and paypal and ask them to remove the hard inquiry that i never applied for paypal credit because i already had one (bill me later) for almost 2 years now. So for now i guess im out of the fuc*ing garden until they remove it! Smiley Mad

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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

anlanchi wrote:

Dear all,


I registered a new paypal account, and put my address, birthday , and 4 digits of ssn


I found that I have $250 line for bill me later...   I understood  what I did.


paypal is cheating me ...and put bill me later on the side when I applied a new paypal account.


BILL ME LATER wil have l hard pull on my report.


is there any way I can argue?  should I call bill me later? paypal? or credit bureaus?


thanks  a lot



Hey Kevin,


Even me got fooled by paypal. When I opened the payPal account, If I remember right some pop-up window came for asking to add a new Bill Me Later, I just clicked OK and then got a HP on EQ.  I feel they were NOT clearly stated to customers about HP and newbies are most likely to open one BML with PP acount. 


Also I tried to call the BML customer care and offered to close the account if they can remove the HP, but she said, some thing blah about T&C it will be there that we can pull your CR and all, and now she can't remove the HP even If I close the account. 

FWIW Got some $10 Free for doing a first purchase with BML, thats it never used it again till now. 



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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

apparently I'm confuse but just went with what they said about ''we dont do hard inquiries.'' but i never get alerted for ''soft'' inquiries. I only get alerted for ''hard'' inquiries. They try to tell me you'll see it but will not count as an inquiry or have any effect on your score because ''we only soft'' inquiry.  But i never had an inquiry unless i open a new credit or applied but they try tell me no they dont. Anyways, they said i might have made a mistake putting in my wrong birthdate so they automatically made a new account which result me a ''soft inquiry '' although it shows up on my credit report, they say will only happens once you first apply and then you'll never see it again on your credit report since they only do soft inquries. IM SO CONFUSE! but i'll wait and see later when i take a look at my credit report to see if my score were impacted at all.  At least they going to roll over the credit line to my current one making it much larger.


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