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cap one lied, now what?

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cap one lied, now what?

Recently applied and got a  cap one plat card in February. On Friday I called cap one to ask if there is a time frame to apply for another card. The rep said no I can apply right away. Today I went on cap one website and did the pre approval thing and it said I can get the cash rewards card. I continued and hit apply. DECLINED! Called cust service and they tell me I have to wait 90 days, call back again and they says its 45. I told them their rep said I can apply and their website said im good to go. They understood and yada yada but said they can't push the app through and can't cancel it or remove the inquiry. The decision was based on the timeframe not my credit history which they also confirmed. They say there's nothing they can do but it really isn't fair that the customer has to pay the price for the companies employees false statements and their websites lack of checking age of accounts. I emailed corporate and am considering canceling the card to see if retentions will do anything.


Has anyone else had this happen and what can be done about it besides disputing it with all 3 bureaus? I could understand if it was based on my credit worthiness but this is based on false info given to me by them and their pre approval.

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Re: cap one lied, now what?

I had the exact same thing happen to me with Capital One, second app was cancelled because the first was too recent.


But I never saw an inquiry pop up from the second app. They just cancelled the app before pulling my credit because it was too soon from my last app.


Unfortunately, if both inquiries are showing on your credit report, it will be very hard to dispute the second one. Capital one had permissible purpose to pull both times if you applied for both. You might have luck getting the second inquiry removed if you dispute it on Transunion and Equifax, but Experian doesn't really investigate inquires. 


However, you shouldn't dispute it because you did apply both times.



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Re: cap one lied, now what?

OP: It may be a dumb question, but have you seen the inquiry on your CR or you are just assuming that capital one did a hard pull? The same happened to me when I applied for a second cap1 too close to my first cap1 and was declined, but no inquiry was put on my CR.


I asked this question coz IME, atleast 75% of cap1 CSRs don't even know what you mean when you ask them "will this will be a hard inquiry?".

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Re: cap one lied, now what?

Hopefully, the above posters are correct and you don't have a hard inquiry on your reports as a result of the second/cancelled app.  If you do though, I'd say this is one to let go and move forward.  Obviously I don't know all of the details of your situation but one inquiry isn't usually that big of a deal.  You'll probably waste countless hours trying to wrestle with this and may never get it removed.  Now you know CapOne's policy and won't get nailed again in the future. 

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Re: cap one lied, now what?

When I applied for a 2nd Capital One card soon after I got the first one, my denial letter clearly said that my credit had not been pulled, & that i needed to wait 45 days between applications.  That may have changed, just thought I would share my experience.

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Re: cap one lied, now what?

Thanks all for your help. I pulled my report today and there is no news regarding a hard pull. When I applied the last time the pull reported instantly as an alert and showed on my report the next day. So far there is nothing so I think you guys may be right regarding it being a soft pull. I will keep checking it.


My concern regarding the hard pull came because,

1: I hit apply and went through the whole process

2: based on CSR comments.


If it is a soft then I will be relieved and simply wait till the restriction is up.


Corporate emailed me back saying I could send the report in to them and they would look at it. I will do that if it ends up being a hard pull but from what I gather from you guys it most likely is not.


As far as my situation its not a killer for another hard pull but it would be better if the pull results in credit. I have 5 inquiries on EXP 3 coming off this year, 3 on EQ and 1 on TU. scores are 610,630,670 respectively. I have been disabled and out of work for 2.5 years, I am 25 and recovering from back surgery from January. I am trying everything to keep my score good and I always pay in full every month numerous times a month, my utilization is never over 15%. I have gone from a 550 to today's scores in about 1.5 years. No Bks just collections paid in full. I am looking to move from NY to TX when I am better so a credit check by a landlord is in the future, I may be looking at leasing/buying a new vehicle eventually when I start driving again (gas is too expensive for my 01 expedition)


I have an old cap one card from 6 years ago that is open but inactive, I left it open to increase age of account and available credit of 500, they wont re activate the card which is fine its helping my score. I have a new cap one plat 500 cl with 0% till November, had it since end of February and an orchard bank visa at 320 since last April with no sign of cli. Next card will be the cap one cash rewards and then ill be set for a few years. Both newer cap one cards are upgradeable for when I have better credit worthiness so that's a plus since I am looking for something that will grow with my age of accounts. Biggest hit on my report is low limits and payment history which is slowly falling off now.


What is the real official time frame to wait is it 45 or 90 days? I have heard both from cap one.

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Re: cap one lied, now what?

good luck.


when you apply for cap1, keep this in mind that they always pull all 3

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Re: cap one lied, now what?

Now that you've had a sampling of CSR babble, next time do not believe anything they tell you without searching this forum first using the field above for any keywords or phrases.


The wait time is 45 days between apps because they're still holding your original reports, therefore, cannot use them for a second product.


Beyond 45 days and it will be another hard inquiry whether approved or not.  They did not pull another report as stated.  Again, they will NOT remove any inquiry because you actually applied no matter what they told you in emails.  You will only receive their blanket form letter explaining what an inquiry is - nothing else.


It's not just Capital One, it is how many call centers are set up with more focus on the volume of calls rather than time-consuming resolutions nowdays.

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