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cc balance question

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cc balance question

hi. getting ready to make my payment to cap one. my balance is $245.43

how much of that should i pay down to have utilization percentage right?

i some people say 30-35% some say 9%.  the limit of course is 500, i left

$132 last month, my scores didn't change but i think if it was a little lower

my scores would have have went up a little. i was thinking maybe to pay a $150

of it. any advice? oh also have a orchard card just paid that. had a balance of

83.00 paid 75.00 of it. left a $8 balance. again advice would be appreciated

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Re: cc balance question

Since you left $8 on your Orchard card I would pay Cap One in full. 



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Re: cc balance question

Since your Orchard is going to report a balance, just pay off the Cap One,


Well, actually, it won't be the balance on your Orchard statement that reports. Orchard (and HSBC bank cards and US Bank CC's) report the balance as of the last business day of the month, not the statement balance.


Let one card report $10. So either pay your Cap One in full and toward the end of the month get your Orchard balance down to $10, or leave $10 on the Cap One and make sure that your Orchard is PIF'd by the end of the month.


Whichever one you leave a balance on, don't forget to pay off that remaining $10 after it updates to the bureaus. That's awfully easy to do.  Smiley Tongue

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