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citi pc


citi pc

I've got the citi forward (5K) and citi aa (3.5K). 

Plan to close aa card and want to move 3.5K CL to forward, 

is it a hard pull? Will they allow that? 



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Re: citi pc

From what I hear, Citi is not so cool with moving around CL's. Thats a great CL on the Forward BTW. I Plan on going after it in the next few months. You mind if I ask which CR they pulled and your Score at the time?

Starting Score: EQ 609, EX 633(Fako), TU 700
Current Score: EQ 699, EX 758, TU 733
Goal Score: 720 across the board
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Re: citi pc

Thanks. Any success stories?

Citi always pull EQ for me. Forward is my first ever CC and it's 4k when I got it in Jan 10. I asked a CLI on May 12 for additional $1k...

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