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dillard's american express


dillard's american express

i currently have an eq score of 667, but should increase soon because i've paid off a significant amount of balances. does anyone know the scores to be approved for a dillard's american express card? also, if you're not approved for the credit card, do you have to accept the store card?
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Re: dillard's american express

I applied last October??? with an EQ of 732 and was given a store card with a $200 CL...   I then spent 1.5 hours going through a complete grilling, financial review etc with an offshore CA only to be declined for a CLI...   It does not make sense as I had been approved for a Sams card with a starting CL of $700 with a 675 EQ...


 Funny, I was just sitting here thinking about that card and it being by far my smallest CL and how I should just close it since it has not been used.  I would have liked the AMEX version but it was not to be for me.

11/6/09 TU 724 / EX 739 (FICO from CU) / EQ 701
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