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duck car declined...with 730ish score


Re: duck car declined...with 730ish score

SunriseEarth wrote:

09Lexie wrote:
Every profile is different. Having a thin file with high inquiries will cause a denial for some/most lenders.

Whether others choose to app for this card, they should base it on their need and their credit profile-not others.

+1   OCCU seems to like some history and clean profiles, looking at the thread.



I've been trying to track approvals and denials for this card and I completely agree that they appear they are looking for some decent history and clean reports.  I think it's pre-mature to say the "well has run dry" off of 1 denial based on that individual's credit score only.  Other denials I'm aware of had 60+ inq on 1 report and another with fair credit.

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Re: duck car declined...with 730ish score

Credit-hoarder wrote:

I know it's just speculation, but just wondering if it's like someone posted on this thread earlier that they got suspicious about the sudden "run" on the card and decided to "tighten up" so to speak-on qualifications to get it? I think it's highly possible that may have happened b/c just from the score and stats LISTED, I didn't see a reason for OP to be denied either.

The key item from this, we're only looking at it from the surface regarding the OPs profile.  We don't have his CR or other information to discern the depth of the actual reasons provided for not being approved.  Since we're not OCCC's underwriting arm, it's all realy speculation at best.

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Re: duck car declined...with 730ish score

bichonmom wrote:

Credit-hoarder wrote:

After pondering it for a few weeks, I was just about to pull the trigger on either the Duck or Beaver card this evening. Do you all really think the well may have run dry?

I don't think the well has run dry. Nor do I think they're going to suddenly CLD or AA new accts. That's perpetuating unsubstantiated fear.


I have reviewed my thread in depth, and it does look like a lot of the people who got big CLs in the beginning had good credit, high FICO, low util, etc. to begin with. So, while OCCC may give higher CLs than some major CCs tend to do, and they may have more lenient standards, the people getting those huge CLs had excellent credit to begin with.


As the Duck Fever spread, more people with less-than-great credit began apping in the hopes of getting some Duck love. That's when things shifted. Those people were getting more of the 7 to 10 day messages and also getting lower CLs, and a couple of people got outright denials.


OCCC may be wondering why the sudden increase in apps, and at some point they may close the door, like PSECU did. I do suppose they may be tightening their standards a bit given the apps that have been approved in the last few weeks because they are a smaller CU (unlike Navy, for example).






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Re: duck car declined...with 730ish score

True, we can't see all of his report. My opinion was based on what WAS shared vs. was no shared. And I've been tracking the Duck Card threads also and HAVE seen some approvals for high CL's with 20 and 40 INQ's and CO's.. But lower CL's for high UTIL.

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Re: duck car declined...with 730ish score

When my Beaver card was approved for $17,500, scores were up in the ~780 range (I believe), very few inquires (<5 IIRC).  However, my CR file is pretty thick and the oldest account dates to around 1997.

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Re: duck car declined...with 730ish score

Also, did OP ever say if his 730-ish score is a true Fico or a FAKO? That may also be the difference. Hopefully, he re-posts when he gets his letter with his score.

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Re: duck car declined...with 730ish score

Jchuthemyth wrote:

I applied last week and i did my address and 2 tradelines verification with them last week as well. I called in today to check my app status, she said I was declined due to the following reason :

1.Too many inquiries in last 12 months.
I have only 4 inquiries in a year, with 2 inquiries almost hit 1 year mark, is 4 considered too many? I really don't think so.

2. High balance on account.
This is the funniest part, my balance is 66 in total. Yes, sixty six dollar, no typo. My total credit was 8000.

They messed up my app with other person?

Is there any phone line for recon? Hopefully someone knows coz I know most people get approved so far. My score is 730ish

Very odd...makes me not want to app for it Good luck if you decide to recon.

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Re: duck car declined...with 730ish score

This credit union is still very uncharted to all of us. While we have seen quite a few nice approvals, the key word still remains few.  None of us are yet certain as to what they seem to be looking for in applicants. 


As much as I love a good scandal, there isnt even enough information in OP's postings for a half baked conspiracy.  We dont know anything other than they have an AAOA in the 10 month range, with 4 inquiries less than a year old on Equifax alone. It could be something as simple as a lack of substantial revolving history.

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Re: duck car declined...with 730ish score

I have 730ish fico. Clean history, no negative at all. 2 inquiries in jan, both credit application. 2 inquiries in oct, one for secured card guaduation and one for its cli.

I have thin file, this might be the reason.

I'm the lucky few to get I will recon, but what's the point if they gave me 1-2k credit line after recon.
After years of spending cash, I wanna build some credit
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Re: duck car declined...with 730ish score

What is your oldest revolving account and what sort of limit?

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