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first premier bank mastercard

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first premier bank mastercard

I'm kinda new to posting on here but I've read and learned more about credit in the last month than i ever imagined even went into credit scores and ratings. I've been approved for fpb card with 300 dollar limit after deciding to get my credit in order and buckle down on my finances. I'm kinda scared of having this card now that I've read so much bad stuff on here about this bank. my question is this: does this bank report accurately to all 3 bureaus or are they more apt to report mistakes? I don't plan on carrying much of a balance on it...maybe a tank of fuel a month. And would i be better off finding another card such as this one or a secured card from say us bank? I have a small installment loan already that I've paid on time the last 3 months and my score is 523 according to creditkarma. are these scores usually higher or lower than actual fico scores? Thanks for reading and any imput.
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Re: first premier bank mastercard

IMHO wait at least 6 months of your current card reporting. If your scores are MyFico you would only be wasting HPs right now and nothing to show for it. Then I would go into US Bank and discuss getting a card.

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