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got my 1st denial in a long time...

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Re: got my 1st denial in a long time...

Cap 1 was also my longest or oldest account and i could not figure out how i could get "new" accounts which offered me $8,000, $6,500, $5,000 and 2 @ $4,500 - yet they wouldn't budge off $1,750 - I had a PERFECT record with them and making multiple payments a month to them etc - but no, they wouldn't budge, apart from "upgrading" me to the QS (whoopy doo) - I read on here that TLs report for 10 years and wouldn't affect my scores by closing it out if it was a zero balance - I took the bulls by the horns and told them to use their card as a 4 cornered suppository - and to stick it in their, well, you know where


The card served its purpose for me - But I have very little good to say about them apart from that 

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