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i just don't get it

no one will pre qualify me even though i have good credit. orchard bank is only interested in offering me a secured card. my scores are TU 707 EX 724(i think) EQ 742. this is humiliating. why wont they pre-approve me?

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Re: i just don't get it

Your credit score is only one criterion among several whether you get a card. Do you have any income? How many lines of credit do you have? Any baddies?
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Re: i just don't get it

no one will have the exact reason why, it could be your scores, your report, your history, age of accounts, inquires, baddies, tons of factors, try another place if you can't get it there.. hsbc is no good, try like walmart, or paypal, or even hooters.


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Re: i just don't get it

I never received a preapproval offer during my 10 years of credit managing.  But I still have 11 prime cards. 
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Re: i just don't get it

I'm lucky if I get one pre-approved application in the mail every two months.  :smileyhappy:
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Re: i just don't get it

I have credit numbers like that, and only after two and a half years of working on my credit and doing everything right did I receive a pre-approval offer from any company.


How long is your credit history? That's just as relevant as your scores.

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Re: i just don't get it

I just got one from citi.  first one in years.


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Re: i just don't get it

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Well the reason why I haven't received any pre-approvals besides First Premier is because my scores are nonprime.  My TU score just reached above 660 and my EQ is in hot pursuit.  I hope to get them now, even though I won't apply for any new credit.  I don't think not receiving preapprovals says anything about your credit worthiness.  Why not just apply for the cards you want if you believe you have a shot, your scores are great!
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Re: i just don't get it

I'd be carefull about applying to prime cards if your history isn't long, though. When I first started, my scores where all 730+ and my credit profile was pristine except for having a very short credit history. I figured I could go on an app spree and get good credit lines, but I was wrong. They don't just look at your scores, they look at your account age as well.


I'd suggest getting the BoA 99/500 card and perhaps a Best Buy card, but don't be surprised or shocked that you don't have them banging down your door with pre-approval letters if the length of your credit history is short.

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Re: i just don't get it

Just keep in mind...pre approval letters mean absolutely nothing!  I receive none, since I've chosen to opt out.  Follow all the advice here on the forums & apply when the time is right, for the card you're most likely to get...not the one you simply want.  Given enough time, those 2 will be the same!

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