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limits over 25k, checkin!

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

Penfed Platinum Rewards Visa...$28K CL opened just last month.  I told them I wanted to specific amount as a balance transfer sink and they granted the request.


My Chase Freedom is at $25K now after years of being at $13.5K.


Two other cards both opened at $20K in an app spree last week.  One was an Amex BCP...I will probably try for at least $30K at CLI time.


Amex Platinum high mark was once at $39K last year, now zero.

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

Word on the street is...
Amex does something similar to a FR when you request $25k or above so be careful,sevenfeet!
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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
Word on the street is...
Amex does something similar to a FR when you request $25k or above so be careful,sevenfeet!

my brother went from $18k on his Blue to $33.3k with no issues. Just hit the LUV button on his account. 

Learning from my past and rebuilding..

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

I'm at 25k on NFCU and 22k on my lowes card by amex. 


I don't think its becaus of my great credit history... as I have a collection reporting and my scores aren't that great.


I think its a function of how much I spend and pay off on cards, also income...


Personal income is 130k now.... 100k from W-2 and 30k from business and other sources....  got a raise from my job on Friday...


My credit history is pretty long...  14 years total history...   My discover card is my first tradeline opened in December 1999  ... AAoA is 6

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

I have a Bank of America Visa that had a $100,000 limit pre recession. Sometime during the recession period they reduced the limit to $24,000 out of the blue but after several very testy phone calls it was increased to it's current limit of $46,000. Saw moderate usage but nowhere near the limit and was PIF almost every month. I ran a lot of business purchases thru this card before I got business cards. 


Funny thing is I almost never use it now, and when I do it's always PIF. I hate Bank of America and have closed nearly every checking and savings account I had with them and am in the process of moving investments from Merrill Lynch. I expect a reduction eventually but until then it can sit there and look sweet on my credit reports. One of my oldest cards. 

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

You can see my limits in my siggy, including a $25K AMEX.  I started off with a Gold NPSL card which I kept for a year.  After that I got the Gold Skymiles with a $2K CL which was the card I really wanted, so I closed the Gold NPSL. At some point I PC's to Platinum. I learned about the 60 day CLI long after I had passed that mark so I called it and got it up to $6K.  Six months later I was at $18K and six months later I did the maximum you can do on their automated line and got $25K.  Been sitting there for 8 months now.  Any future CLI's will probably be initiated by AMEX.  

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

Chase SP .. 28,700 .. i applied when i was at my local branch and the guy said that was the highest limit he had seenSmiley Surprised this was less than a year ago

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Re: limits over 25k, checkin!

NFCU Plat @ 40k and Chase Sapphire @ 38k


Just kept asking for CLI's every 4-6 months over the last 2-3 years.

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