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Re: opening an additional credit card account?

09Lexie wrote:
Tbh, it's worth it if you stay at Marriotts.

+1 its worth it

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Re: opening an additional credit card account?

Amex and Citi both offer Hilton cards with (better signup bonus, more points per dollar) and without annual fees.

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Re: opening an additional credit card account?

derekxzhou wrote:

Hi all! So like I was looking at the Marriott premier rewards credit card and the rewards looks pretty good. I was wondering if I should get this card but I already have the Chase sapphire preffered card and also the Bank of America Cash Rewards Privileges card which also requires an annual fee for both cards.  I already have 8 credit cards which are the bofa regular cash rewards, bofa travel rewards, bofa world points, american express costco card,  chase amazon card, Macy's card,  chase sapphire preffered card, and the bank of america cash rewards privileges. I normally only use the sapphire preffered for traveling and dining ( I travel to Asia every week for my business) and privilges for gas and groceries shopping when I'm in the states, I don't really use the other cards; so I'm not sure if I should still get the Marriott card too or should just stick with the sapphire preffered and use their points for hotels and travel? Or cancel the privileges account after I get the Marriott card? Because 3 annual fees of 95+75+85 is a lot just for credit cards. So I would appreciate if anyone has any good advise on it? thankss! (:


$75 annual fee for the BofA Privileges with Cash Rewards card seems unnecessary for a card you only use for gas (3%) and grocery (2%) purchases. There are plenty of better alternatives, most with no annual fees.


How much do you estimate you spend on gas each month, and how much on groceries each month?


That Amex Costco card you have already gives 3% cash back at Gas stations, and if you have your own business you could get the Amex Costco Business version of that card which gives 4% back on gas stations. There are a lot of Gas cards that give 5%, and a lot of Grocery card options at 2% - 6% cash back. We just need more information.


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Re: opening an additional credit card account?

Ah the Privileges. 4.5% on gas, 3% on groceries, and 1.5% on everything else correct?


I am not familiar with the Marriott card. Why do you think it is worth the annual fee? Do you get to pay for your stays and get reimbursed by your employer, thereby earning bonus Marriott points? How much do you estimate you'd spend on Marriott hotels each year? 


Throw out some more info and I can crunch some numbers for you. 

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Re: opening an additional credit card account?

Oh, Privileges card has 50% bonus to rewards if redeemed to a BofA account. My mistake overlooking that.


Still there are alternatives with no annual fee.

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