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question about discover card

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question about discover card

 My mom opened up a discover card.. put me under secondary holder. I received discover CC with my name. Will this help my credit score?

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Re: question about discover card

It may but there are several factors in play.


1. If you are an AU on this card you will inherit the payment history and utilization. ( be sure it has perfect payment history and low utilization.)

2.It will report to your CRAs and add age if the account has been opened for awhile (if it is a new account it will hit your AAoA).

3. If the primary account holder defaults your wont be held liable for the account where you can remove yourself as an AU.


the not so good.

1. just like number one if it has high utilization and bad payment history you will inherit this.

2. Some lenders will exclude AU accounts for scoring and loan decisions..I.e.. Mortgage, auto, and some CCC.



Hope this helps.

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Re: question about discover card

If you want that AU addition to have any impact on your credit profile, make sure that the new account is reflected.

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Re: question about discover card

I do want it to count since my cs isnt that good

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