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"Love Button" questions

How soon after getting a card should one try the button? Are they soft inquireys? Does it make a difference how often you have used the card? Basically I just finished the credit steps with capitol one, $500 to $750 and I'd like to see either or actually both Reward Zone and Orchard to raise my limit of $300. BK 7 discharge 2/2010, got all 3 cards in April, full utilization of all cards has been 10-12% each month with full payment at each statement.


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Re: "Love Button" questions

Right now the RZMC and Orchard are not accepting credit limit increase requests. I have the love button but when you click it it tells you they arent accepting requests. So those two are no-gos. But I got my first RZMC increase the week I got the card and another one 2 months later so they were easy to get but who knows now?

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Re: "Love Button" questions

moving to CC forum

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Re: "Love Button" questions

see this thread


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