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"Student Cards" - Easier Approvals?

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Re: "Student Cards" - Easier Approvals?

WarJar101 wrote:

I got denied three times for the Discover IT Student card, for "too many recent inquires", and "length of credit history". Same reason I got each time, yet I've been getting approvals elsewhere. I go to a two yr community college currently, and it was actually listed in the drop down menu on the app. Even though one CSR told me that four-yr schools only, my thing is then why the hell would you have 2-yr colleges listed then in the drop-down menu if they weren't eligible? Things like this irks me to no end. Discover really got on my bad side. Citibank kinda sucks but at least they approved me with pretty much no credit history at the time, even though it was a long process (apped in late July for them, didn't get approved until mid-Sept). They took a risk on me, and I have to give them credit for that, no pun intended. I tried reconning with Discover to no avail, I tried like three times though. I still haven't received the letter for denial yet.

too many inquiries probably spoked them.

the rest of the reasons are just there because they need to generate 4-5.

2yr colleges are in that list only because discover gets the list of schools from the state or department of education. and usually they cant be bothered to skim through the list . 

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Re: "Student Cards" - Easier Approvals?

Student cards belong to a different category. They often bear more default risk, but since the amount of risk is limited because of low credit limits, and since the potential reward is huge because the student is likely to build further relationship with the bank, many creditors are willing to go that route.


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Re: "Student Cards" - Easier Approvals?

I think it's easier if you have a clean report. I was denied for BOA, freedom, and Cap1 Journey at Oct of 2012 and later I found out my credit reports were completely wrong: wrong names, info, accounts, and whole bunch of other things. I got that corrected and I have been approved for Amex Green, BCE, Discover It, Forward, and Journey in the past 3 months. Now, I suggest everyone to check their reports even if they don't have any credit cards because you never know, your identity could of been stolen.

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