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run around with barclay pc

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Re: run around with barclay pc

for the record, i used every reward point on my account and paid in full. i was running an average of 900 a month through this card

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Re: run around with barclay pc

juggalo9er wrote:

i currently have the barclay rewards and want to pc to sallie mae. i have called and very politely asked twice now and was very politely told no! i messaged barclay on facebook about pcing and they responded that i would have to apply for the sallie mae to which i responded thats disappointing as capitol one did a pc with absolutely no hassle..what gives should i just call their retention department? i do know the sallie mae requires better scores but they are going to lose a customer over a simple pc that has 5% over 2% on groceries.

I'm not sure what the required scores are, but by that statement I gather that you don't have the scores required.  So why do you believe that they will PC you to a CC that requires better scores than you may have currently?


I was able to PC from the Apple to the Rewards MC well over a year ago without a problem.  But maybe the Sallie Mae is just a different product line for them and henceforth they can't do cross product line PC's.  I don't know just guessing on that one..LOL!  



If you want the Sallie Mae why don't you just apply for it?  I just got the Sallie Mae a few days ago and I'm thinking about asking them to move the CL from the rewards over to the SM.  Now I'm not sure if they can do that or not, and by you saying that they can't PC from the Rewards to the SM it's a possibility that they can't do this either, but if they can't then I'll just move on. 






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Re: run around with barclay pc

i did the same thing as OP


approved NFL with 8K CL card 2 years ago, get 200 bonus, SD it afterwards


called several times try to PC to sallie mae, no go 


PC to barclay's rewards early of the year wish non cobrand card would be easier to pc


called again several times try to pc still no go


since i got 10K arrival card early of the year, reward card became totally useless, and non usage would view negetivaly in the eye of any lender especially barclay's bank


called last week to back door number, when the answer still is negetive, i close the reward accout and move ALL my CL to arrival


my score is close 800, so approval is not the problem, but between 2 quarters of freedom 5% on gas, 3% gercery on BCE, and Cash+ 5% on amazon, and very low sallie mae's signing bonus, i do not think it worth for me to apply for it.

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Re: run around with barclay pc

You can't PC to a co-branded Barclays card, that's just how it is.


People have been able to PC out of co-branded Barclays cards to Barclays Rewards, but unfortnately it doesn't work the other way around.

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