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some of my SP disapeared off my report

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some of my SP disapeared off my report

I was waiting for AMEX to SP my report since 12/05/12 so I can request a 61+ day CLI . I checked my report atleast 4 times a week and never noticed them SP on my report until 2 days ago. The SP is dated 01/06/13. Mind you I've been checking frequently and never saw this SP before. And also, the SP from 12/05/12 has disapeared!


I really didn't mind waiting this long(okay maybe a little) but I just want to understand why some dated SPs showed up on my report, and old ones disapeared.

AMEX: $0/$25,000, CSP: $0/$6500, Chase Priority Club: $0/$3500, Freedom: $0/$6000, Barclays NFL: $0/$7000 Discover: $0/$14,000, Citi Dividend: $0/$3500

EQ FICO - 753
TU FICO - 701
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