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whats harder to obtain?

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whats harder to obtain?

a line of credit for $2500 or a credit card for $2500 ?

i have a fico of 630


which is easier to obtain with my credit union since i am rebuilding my credit

( i dont want to waste an inquiry)

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Re: whats harder to obtain?

if they are a conservative CU, depending on overall profile both may be slightly out of reach at a 2.5k CL level with current score, otherwise perhaps cc would be easier to get.

At NFCU for eg. a cc would generally be more accessible than LOC FWIU, YMMV.

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Re: whats harder to obtain?

You might consider walking into the CU and talking with one of their customer gurus.  Bring in a copy of your CR and tell them what you're looking for.  Build a personal relationship with the staff there and think long-term.  They may be able to give you a pretty good idea of what will work best for you.

If they don't seem helpful, perhaps try another CU. 

From your other post, I see that you have a 7 yr old BK.

Our CU has given us a $10K CC and a LOC of about the same amount.  They pulled DH's EXperian, which was about 695.  Major difference was that the interest rate on the LOC was about 12% and the CC is about 8% - plus the CC has cash back rewards.


Hope that's helpful!



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