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wow capital one approval with unpaid charge off!

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wow capital one approval with unpaid charge off!

I applied on an impulse.. Im SHOCKED.  Charge off capital one about 1 year old for $500.  And they approve me for a no hassle rewards card?!?!?!  WOW...   Im sure its going to be a 300 limit card, but ill take it!  My scores are all around or just below 600.
Congratulations! You're approved.
You have been approved for a Capital One® credit card. You should receive your card and welcome materials within 7-10
business days.
Isn't it time that managing your finances got easier? Maximize the Web to its fullest
potential, and keep track of your new account online! Once you receive your card, come visit us at and register for Capital One Online.
"WTB Access Number"
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Re: wow capital one approval with unpaid charge off!

It is the cash rewards card too, which I need.  My only other rewards card is my NFCU go rewards, which is nice but its not cash.


edit: and 0% interest till june 2009.   (i barely looked at the card before apping because i almost knew it would be a decline)  $29 AF

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"WTB Access Number"
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