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Credit Card Debt Over $1 Trillion


Re: Credit Card Debt Over $1 Trillion

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Re: Credit Card Debt Over $1 Trillion

O/T:  On the whole TV news thing, the international news channels like from Korea and China tend to be much less commentary and let the stories do the talking so the viewer can draw their own conculsions.


I don't know if all that debt is a bubble, or just a sign that the economy is good so people are willing to spend more.  or even if that is bad news.  IMHO I'm neutral on it since I might buy a more expensive car now that I just retired and got another job as well so my income is more so I can afford to do that and add more to my debt.


I wonder what would happen if every single person started PIF'ing instead of carrying CC debt or everyone defaulted on their CCs at once.



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