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GE possibly leaving the retail financing markets....???

I was reading a report that GE is considering pulling out of retail financing as early as next year. I don't know how accurate that is, but if it is true I think that would affect a great deal of people here who use GE to help rebuild their credit and for their nice CLI's and credit limits.

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Re: GE possibly leaving the retail financing markets....???

I only read that they will stop financing to gun retailers..

The truth is out there...
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Re: GE possibly leaving the retail financing markets....???

Looks like they are spinning off the retail lending segment according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. Are links allowed?

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Re: GE possibly leaving the retail financing markets....???



GE Set to Exit Retail Lending


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Re: GE possibly leaving the retail financing markets....???

I dont think this woud apply to gas cards since just last month 76 gas cards were sold to GE from CITI.

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Re: GE Capital set exit retail lending

Mike1inTX wrote:

Asked for an increase on my Walmart store card.  Denied.    6th statement from last increase




Seems like GE is tightening the belt quick.


<incident that happened to one person>

<broad generalization of that incident to everyone>


Not really sound logic.


The recent reporting of 90-day freezes and account audits holds a little more water, but as far as I can tell there have been 4 forum members who reported that out of the entire forum membership.  And GE cards are very popular amongst the membership, so it feels too soon to call this a trend.


Nor are these 90 day audits something new:


I'm not saying that some of the recent activity on GE credit accounts can't eventually turn out to be related to this planned spin-off/IPO of the lending division. Just that it's highly speculative to assume the sky is falling when all we've got is a handful of raindrops at this point.

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Re: GE Capital set exit retail lending

Aparently GE has been up to this for a while now, just found an article dating back to May of this year....

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