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NYTimes - Report Finds Improvement in Credit Scores

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NYTimes - Report Finds Improvement in Credit Scores

Interesting report from the Times - FICO scores a tick up...


The number of consumers with top-tier credit ticked up to its highest level since 2008, according to a report from the creator of the FICO credit score.

An analysis by FICO, formerly known as Fair Isaac Corporation, found that 18.3 percent of consumers with FICO scores had scores of 800 to 850, the highest range of scores available. (In 2008, 18.7 percent of consumers fell in that range.)





FICO release:


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Re: NYTimes - Report Finds Improvement in Credit Scores

I'd be interested in finding out where the median and average scores have been tracking over the same time period as well as the delinquincy rates for each score group.  I see some moderation in scores but it looks like a very slow amount of progress.


This table encapsulates the information from 2011.

Score Range% of People
up to 4996.2
500 to 5498.7
550 to 5999.8
600 to 64910
650 to 69912.1
700 to 74915.5
750 to 79919.4
800 plus18.3


This is what I've seen reported before which is quite different from the information in the above mentioned report.

Score Range% of PeoplePercentileDelinquincy Rate
up to 4992287%
500 to 5495771%
550 to 59981551%
600 to 649122731%
650 to 699154215%
700 to 74918605%
750 to 79927872%
800 plus13100


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