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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

Wow, sllbaker!! Thanks for posting that. It helps.
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My current trans union fico score is 702, my goal is to achieve an 800 score by the end of the year, my plans on achieving this goal is to use on average of 7% of my collected revolving credit card debt etc as well as continuing to remain on time if not early on any other debt that as listed in the 3 major credit agencies. also paying down as many other debts that i may have to the best of my ability.
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

Currently my Ficos are EQ 693 and 748 TU. EQ would be higher if I didn't have a paid tax lien that will be there until 11/2014 unless I do some serious disputing (it's also on EX but not on TU, thank God). I am guessing EQ will probably be at 720 by the end of the year. I will not be apping, as I have 4-5 inqs that will fall off this year. TU, assuming nothing evil happens will probably be around 768-780. Though I think that's wishful thinking. TU is probably my most useless score. All the lenders that matter pull either EX or EQ. TU only gets pulled when I'm doing loan (auto or house) shopping. Otherwise, it would be Merricks or Barclays. (I already have a Barclays card).


We'll see, hopefully. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My 2010 fico score goal is to get into the 700's +


Current Fico score is EQ 658 and EX 663 don't know my TU score


I plan to get a second job so I can pay off all my education loans (hopefully by AUGUST 2010)  and pay off my cc!  No more opening any new accounts and keeping away from using my 2 CC or if I do use them to make sure I pay them off quickly.



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I want an 850!

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My goal for 2010 is to reach the 700 club.  My TU is 608 and EF is 572.  I just had 4 adverse accounts deleted. I have only have 1 loan for my vehicle, which I am paying on time each month.  I'll open an account in Feb with an electronic store to begin showing a positive payment history. 

Starting Score: 617
Current Score: 672
Goal Score: 800

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

[ Edited ]

1.  Goal, 700+, would love 720

2.  Equifax 649 (ouch, took a dive), Transunion est 675 (have not purchased for a few months, however CreditKarma is 699).

3.  Mainly paydown and no new applications.  Few baddies that are left will fall off this year or next.  No baddies less than 6 years old.  Agressive paydown.

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Starting Score: EQ 679, TU 697
Current Score: EQ 680, TU 672
Goal Score: EQ 720, TU 720

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

So my credit score has taken a dive!! My hope is to bring it back up to at least 720 by paying off my credit cards and continuing to pay all of my bills on time.  But most of all I will remember that just because one thing gets paid off doe not mean that I have to replace it with another debt!!

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

Hi, i am new.


My goals are to get my scores to 650 or above.


My current is EQ: 601 TU: 596

my cards should be paid down to about 20% utilization next week. i am very excited about this.


i would also like to get approved for a discover card lol:/


if anyone can point me in the direction on how to get negative items removed, id appericiate it. thanks.

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My Fico 2010 end of the year goal is to be in the 700 club!!! Currently I am @ 582 Transunion , 527 Equifax. I have 4 collections that are due to fall off 2012-2014.. Zenith Acquisitions (Kay Jewelers $450). Comes off in 2014 E.R Solutions (sprint $571). Comes off 2013 RJM Acquisitions ($250) comes of 2012 Afni. (Verizon $94). Comes of 2013 Fighting to do a Payment for Deletion, with no luck except for RJM acq. I have 1 credit card (capital one) that has been on time for 3 years, no lates BUT I am always using 90% of it.. So my goal once my income tax comes, is to pay it off completely and never use it more then 15% of the limit amount. I've been a big fan of everyone here.. And hope anyone has any tips!! :smileyhappy: wish me luck on my journey!!
Take the FICO Fitness Challenge

Starting Score: 435)
Current Score: 582
Goal Score: 700

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge

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