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12 year old CR-anyway to retrieve?

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12 year old CR-anyway to retrieve?

I'm trying to pull CR from 2000. I think it has my old AMEX account info ( called AMEX and they couldn't locate it). I have a car loan in 2000 I opened with BB&T. I'm going to try and contact them but is there any other way I can get old report to locate AMEX file?

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Re: 12 year old CR-anyway to retrieve?

No, and I would be stunned if any lender who once had your report, kept it or could retrieve it.  I think you're vastly overestimating the infrastructure of most lenders.  I can nearly guaruntee you 100% that the CSR's won't be able to see it.


Anyway, even if you had it, I remember reading sometime back in Jaan/Feb where someone was trying to prove they had an Amex by their old CR and Amex wouldn't accept it.  Typically you need a receipt; however, if you ask in the CC forum on how to prove you had an old Amex, others might be able to give you additional information as to what forms of verification Amex will accept to be able to find your old account information.



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