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579 to 665 - now what to do?

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I have been on the boards since April of 2007 and my score has gone from 579 to 665 in that time period. I'm wondering what, if anything, should I do next. I currently have: 1 credit card with Web Bank - credit limit is $500 and balance is $39.00. Student Loans - $75,000 - I pay $400 per month and will do so forever. I paid off my auto loan in full in December and score dropped 19 points. I have 2 Collection accounts with AFNI - still fighting them and am preparing to sue them in January. What else can I do to improve my credit score? I have no other collection accounts and have written many goodwill letters to get rid of lates, with about 75 percent success. The credit card I have is pretty much a junk credit card that I obtained when my credit was poorer. I have had it now for two years and a couple of months. I make around $90,000 per year and have had the same job for a little over two years. Should I apply for a new credit card and if so, which one? Would I be denied based upon the two AFNI collection accounts? I want to have a real credit card with a higher balance. I am scared that eventually the junk credit card might be canceled and don't want to be stuck without one. I want to not be afraid to apply for credit.

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Re: 579 to 665 - now what to do?

which cra has you best score, how recent are your baddies? i'd say a cu would be my first inclination.
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Re: 579 to 665 - now what to do?

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If you know your  FICO scores with each CRA  or even with 1 CRA......go to the CC thread and read or ask which CCC pulls that CR.  I think most pull EQ and EX.....your score of 665 is not bad,
I received CC from wal-mart discover,and target with scores around 650 BUT I had 1 collection ready to drop & no lates.
Good luck on your lawsuit if you sue. Have you filed a complaint with the FTC?  Also did you MOV the CRAs??  MOV must be done before lawsuit.

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Re: 579 to 665 - now what to do?

hi doooo,

many people on the boards have gotten merrick bank hooters with scores lower than yours.
i would try the bank of america website, they have a preapproval form that is a soft pull on your report and will let you know what you qualify for with them. perhaps with your high income and if you already bank with them you might be surprised. even if they only approve you for a 99/500 within a year of perfect handling they will graduate you and you will have a nice prime card with generous CLI.

good luck!

xoxox jane
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