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All Baddies

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Re: All Baddies

MidnightVoice wrote:

princessofpink wrote:
I found out this morning that this isn't necessarily true. My new Carnival Seamiles card appeared on my EX pull this morning and bumped it up 10 points. I believe that its because of the utilization but I'm not really sure since mine should have been pretty decent to begin with.

ilovepizza wrote:
How many tradelines do you have?
New credit drops scores in the short term for many months. In the long term the credit cards will impact your score nicely.

I think it depends partly if one is in the "4-6" or "about 42" credit cards club. Smiley Happy

Hi. Interesting. princessofpink, Was their an inquiry with that new account? Can you please post what happens after your new card reports a balance if score changes Pos-Nutral-Neg. Thanks. I will reword my posts from now on. I too have gotten a boost when I should have seen a dip, but I didn't have an inquiry so that made sense to me. Good repost! Please keep us informed what happens.
If we never set higher goals we would never get as far.
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Re: All Baddies

one TL, a secured card I JUST opened. and the only other even semi-positive is the my child support seems to be showing up as an open account with 0 lates. FICO said as far as they could see wasn't hurting my scores, and probably helping them some. I think I may be the first person in history with a -100 FICO. Or at least it feels that way for now. Although I know, from things I have learned here, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And it may not even be from a train coming.
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