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Authorized User Accounts

Unfortunately, those of us who have legitimate AU accounts will be punished because of those individuals who try to beat the system. In Dec. 06 I became an authorized user on my husband's Chase card as we were married a year and a half ago. $1400 CL and never been late due to autopay. I did not have a credit card due to the fact that Providian closed my account after being two months late one time in a 6 year period when they were sold. In the six years I had paid on time every time except for that two month period. Tried calling them and they had no mercy. So, by my husband adding me to his card, I have had the convenience of being able to charge and pay off. My husband was maxed out. After I received my card, I had taken it upon myself to get the utilization down to 20% in two months. I send in the payments and make extra payments for the sake of helping our finances as a couple. Now due to criminals, all the work I have done and others like me will it have been in vain? This seems extremely unfair. Once we get a handle on our finances and improve our scores, the system says "OH NO! They are making headway" So they change it all again. Because of this AU account, I have been able to get my own 0% mastercard with a $500 CL. Hopefully, since I pay off as soon as the statement arrives I will be rewarded with a good CLI. It is just too bad that family members will have to pay the price. Hopefully, since the CL on the Chase is only $1400 I will not notice a dip in my scores. I am getting them up so I can be added as a joint. I do not want to apply as a joint until I am in the low 600's. Now TU 516 EQ 545 EX 583. Waiting for new balances to post, GW for two lates and two PFD's. Hopefully, the CCC's will be lenient when adding AU's as joints, especially husbands and wives, couples, so that the future of family finance will be stronger.
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Re: Authorized User Accounts

You are doing the right thing by waiting to apply (joint with you husband) with Chase.  Getting the lates and unpaid accounts deleted will vastly improve your scores.  GL
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Re: Authorized User Accounts

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