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Bank Of America Debt

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Bank Of America Debt

Hello All:
I have bee nreading these forums for some time now and have found some awsome info, and I was hoping someone can give me some advice on something.
I have a BOA debt on my credit report and thru a Tru Credit, credit report all three CRA report it as collection/chargeoff, with the following remarks at the bottom. The debt itself is probably two to three years old.
TU - charged offas a bad debt
EX - unpaid balance reported as a loss by the creditor grantor
EQ - charged off account
I would like to clean this up and remove the negitive info from my report and my question is. I am now getting calls about this debt from a CA (creditors financial group). Do I deal with these people and pay my debt through them and if i do can they change the info that BOA is reporting? (mind you, that the CA is not listed on my credit report only BOA) or should I call BOA directly to take care of this and would they remove the negitive info from my report if I paid?
I did receive a letter from the CA dated 8/10/07 but by the time I actually opened it and read it, it was 9/9/07 so i missed the thirty day deadline for a DV request. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Bank Of America Debt

If you can PIF, you might try a PFD with the OC. Then if the CA starts reporting, dispute.
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