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Best Cash Back Card

I'm trying to decide which cash back card to apply for. My FICO is 760, so I'm not worried about getting denied, but I'd like to start getting $ instead of points (I have 2 cards now: Evil Capital One and an Amex Blue points card). So, as far as I know, these are my best options: Citibank Driver's select Visa, Amex Blue Cash, Chase Freedom Card Visa, and the Discover More card. Having a visa might be nice for all the places that don't take Amex, and the Discover card can be used at Sam's club, where I shop sometimes. I pay all my balances in full each month and I'm just looking to maximize my $ back. Thanks!
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Re: Best Cash Back Card

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Last I checked Citi had the best cash back cards.

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Re: Best Cash Back Card

You have to watch out for two things with all these cards:
(1)  They change the rules often.  Discover just quietly notified me that I won't be getting 5% on gas and auto after October.
(2)  They calculate the cash back amounts INCORRECTLY every month, and you'd better believe it's never in my favor.  Each month I have to spend 10 minutes on the phone doing the math for a CSR.
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