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Who in the hell are these people. Ive read online they are a check approval company, For places like best buy. Well now I have a debt collection for 9 dollars from them on my credit. I do have a Best Buy C.C. Now here is the problem I dont write checks. NON I pay with my debt card. So how in the world could I have a bad debt from a check from this place..........
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Re: Certegy

Yeah, they are on my report for something that was reporting twice. It was also regarding a bounce check to Best Buy years ago.   I have disputed with them multiple times.  Zenith Acquisitions was also reporting this balance.  Since it was just 59.00, I paid the thing.  Zenith removed itself from all of my accounts, but I am waiting for Certegy to go away. After disputing them they went from showing a balance to showing a 0 balance charge off.  I last called them two weeks ago after speaking to Zenith again who said they would fax the info over to Certegy.  Certegy said it would take a few days.  I am not calling them again.  I disputed again with Equifax.  We will see what happens.  Good Luck with yours
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