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Citibank Credit Dispute Bureau

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Citibank Credit Dispute Bureau

I'm just looking for an address confirmation, fax number, or a phone number. I don't believe I opened a CC when I was 3 with Citibank....


I called and got a few different answers... Customer service has been so-so.


Citibank Credit Dispute Bureau

PO Box 6241

Sioux Falls, SD 57117


Fax: 605.357.2072 or 605.330.6780 or 866.548.5614. I've I was also told PO Box 6427.


Any insight would be very appreciated.


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Re: Citibank Credit Dispute Bureau

Is the account negative?


Looking at your CR, what does it say under "responsibility" (e.g. joint, individual, or authorized user)?



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Re: Citibank Credit Dispute Bureau

Is the purpose of obtaining the address to file a direct dispute?


If so, the direct dispute rules include specfic provisions for direct dispute address (16 CFR 660.4(c))

The rules provide that if you send it to "any business address of the furnisher" or to the address "set forth in a consumer report related to the consumer," they are required to investigate it as a direct dispute.  That rule is intended to relieve the consumer of the necessity to find some unknown or restrictive address for disputing.

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