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I know this is old but was wondering if this is true...if it is I can get some of baddies off now instead of waiting for 2 more years.


If I am not mistaken, in NY if a debt is PAID, it can be removed from your CR's in 5 years instead of 7.

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If you have a account that is on my credit report and  has surpass the seven years from the  DOFD, do you know how you can find it's DOFD  it has been removed by Ex and TU but EQ will not remove it after many Disputes. What step must i take to prove it's been over seven years


i have another account on my credit report, I contacted the collection company and been told by them that they dont handle this account that is on my report but they are still reporting it. If they are not the ones who are handling the account can they still report it?

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If the CA are saying they don't handle the account, send them a DV letter.  No, if they are not assigned or own the account it can not be on your CR.


They can stay on 7 - 7.5 years from the DoFD. 


Can you list the account exactly as it shows on your CR?  Leave out personal information.

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I did send them a letter and thay responded with "We are in receipt of your correspondence. Please advise that (collection account). Has put this account in a hold status, while we obtained validation of this debt

please be advised (the collection company). Has requested your credit file to be updated as disputed. It will remain in disputed status until you receive validation of a debt from office.

We will continue to work with you to ensure that this matter is resolved".


I sent them a certified letter on January 28 of 2010. Did received this letter from them on February 15, 2010, but I have not heard from them since. I then sent another certified letter February 28, 2010. asking them to remove it. And still no response.

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If they are telling you they have asked for your file to be updated as disputed, then they do own the account. Only the creditor or CA that holds the account can do that.
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But when i call them they give me someone else ... They had the account but do not  owen the account anymore.

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If they do not have the account it cannot be on your CR with their name on it.


Who are they sending you to?

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Another Collection company

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IN regard to accounts that were included in the bankruptcy and are showing as "charge offs"; not discharged in bankruptcy.

I've  had at tleast two similar accounts. My bankruptcy was discharged on April 29, 2008 and the unsecured debt was with Washington Mutual who was purchased by J. P. Morgan Chase on or about September 29, 2008. That was five months after my account was the bankruptcy.

WaMu initially reported the debt. But, then Chase began reproting it as "charge of" and not "discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I contested this many times and Chase asserted to the credit bureaus that this infomration was correct. I call chase and they said that the account was never discharged because it was sold to a collection agency in 2006.

But, I know that WaMu had possession of this account in 2007 and part of 2008 because they tried to sue me in 2007 and they tried to attach a lien agasint my home due to this unsecured debt.

I went to court twice in 2007 and the judege gave me a contiuance because I was disabled and had little or no income and I was planning to flie bankrutpcy when I obtained some money. On the third time in court, he dismissed the case because I had filed bankrupty on Jnauary 29, 2008. WaMu wouldn't have sued me if they hadn't owned the account.

Then during the bankrtupcy, WaMu tried to attatch a lien against my home. The bankruptcy judeged denied the lien because it was an unsecrued debt. That occurred in 2008. So, WaMu must have owned the debt during the bankruptcy and WaMu was listed on my list of creditors.

But, Chase continues to assert that the debt was sold  by WaMu in 2006.

Fianally, I made copies of my bankruptcy petiion nad verification of the discharge, schedule F which is the list of creditors and sent copines ot Chase, four credit bureause, my attorny, the bankrutpcy court, the FTA and the BBB by certified mail, recipt requested. Only today did Experian state that they would change my report to state that is was "discharged in chapt 7 bankruptcy. I've been working on this for well over a year.

I find an article on the internet (a site called Enzine) that describd the issue I had and yous. It is more and more commonly practiced by many lenders to not reprot thise debts as "discharged in bankrupty; but as "charge offs". I supoose it's a method of coheorcing consumers to pay discharged debts. You can sue them for the attorneys fees and damages (about $1000). Chase was reported in this article as being one of the most cavalier about this practices. They have stated that the bankruptcy law doesn't tell them when they have to report the debt as being discharged. in bankruptcyl.

I recommend you send you copies of your bankruptcy papers to the credit bureaus nad the lenders. Make sure you even include lesser know credit bureaus such as Innovis. I found it was reported in error with them, too.

It's difficult to do, but it's worth it.

Good Luck

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If you ask a creditor to validate a debt, how exactly to do they go about it?


I understand that many of these collection agencies buy the debt from the original creditor with little or no information. What  exactly should I be looking for from the CA  that proves they have proper validtion? 

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