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DV a CA or wait??

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DV a CA or wait??

My scores on 6/17 were TU 636  EQ 637  EX 619.  I disputed on 6/23 all three CRA.
All I can tell at TU is 1 still remaining. no new score
 7/5  scores are:
EQ  658 (SW)
 EX shows...started with 6 potentially neg. 6/24
Now shows 3 Potent.neg.
One of these is nothing BUT 2 are. and will fall off within the year.
I'm sure that one is a CA but not sure about the other. I really have no idea about either of them.
If the clock started running the day, 6/24, that I pulled my report, Should I DV both of them now or wait until my dispute is complete. This will put me past the 30 day stat.
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Re: DV a CA or wait??

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