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Do I have a case to dispute?

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Do I have a case to dispute?



I pulled my personal credit report from Experian and Transunion. 2 negative Bank of America accounts are reporting to fall off my report from Experian December of 2013 and reporting to fall off from Transunion February 2014. Do I have a case to dispute and get the records deleted? If so, who do I dispute with first? Experian? Transunion? Bank of America? Any certain process I should do?




Thank you.

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Re: Do I have a case to dispute?

OC accounts do not become excluded from your credit report or get deleted based on expiration of any of the credit report exclusion peiriods.

What becomes excluded are adverse items reported by the OC under the account, such as monthly delinquencies and a charge-off.

The derogs themselves remain in your credit file, but cannot (normally) be shown by the CRAs in any credit report they issue after the derog has passed its credit report exclusion date (except for the rare request for a full file credit report under FCRA 605(b), which can include any and all derogs in your file)..


There are only two ways that OC accounts become deleted.  Either the OC reports their deletion to the CRA, or if the account has been closed for approx ten years, the CRA may choose to exercise its housekeeping policy and delete on their own.

If you wish deletion of an entire OC account, you can always contact the OC and request they delete. 


Collections are a bit different, in that they are not accounts of the conusmer, and are required to be excluded in toto after 7 years plus 180 days from the DOFD on the OC account upon which the collection is based.

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