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Re: Free Fico scores from Barclay!

Beane wrote:

Mine is showing way higher than the scores I got from MPM.  Barclay FICO is 796. 


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Re: Free Fico scores from Barclay!

wHiTeSoL wrote:


What's the URL trick?

Log into your barclay card account, when you get to the home page delete everything after "servicing/" and add score. I.E "/servicing/score"

PS. 722! But mine listed as pulled 10/18

Great tip! My score is 687 as of 10/21

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Re: Free Fico scores from Barclay!

sweet! thats why i lurk here, i dont recall getting an email about this either, but i have the rewards mc and its under tools and education pulled mine and its 717! updated 10/8

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Re: Free Fico scores from Barclay!

Awesome! I never would have found this. Mine shows as 783 which is nice to know since they didn't give it to me in the acceptance letter. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Free Fico scores from Barclay!

I tried the URL trick and it worked; however, I got a message stating that since my account is new, it will take up to 3 weeks for my FICO score to show up.


Free FICO score, awesome website, easy to redeem rewards (or so it seems)--I'm really starting to dig this company!

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Re: Free Fico scores from Barclay!

I just did this yesterday with my Apple Barclays card...shot email. Checked URL trick and it worked. 680 from September.

Two inquires fell off and balances keep dropping so I'm assuming it's higher now.

Hopefully they update frequently!
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Re: Free Fico scores from Barclay!

Mine score is dated the day after my last statement cut.  Not sure if that is just a coincidence.

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Re: Free Fico scores from Barclay!

Works for me with Rewards card.


From their T&C:

Barclaycard offers FICO® Score access at its own discretion. FICO® Score access is not a permanent feature of your account and may be removed at any time. To view your FICO® Score, your account with us must be open and active (having activity within the past 150 days).

Your FICO® Score falls into a range from 300 to 850, is calculated based on TransUnion credit data, and is offered soley for your own non-commercial, personal review, and benefit. Your FICO® Score is not an endorsement or a determination of your qualification for a loan or credit. Credit score models and score ranges may differ by lender.

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Re: Free Fico scores from Barclay!

9-17-13 score.jpg



6 weeks old :smileysad:

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Re: Free Fico scores from Barclay!

Works on my Ameriprise card.  Same as Walmart, so it's TU08.  I think I'm going to ditch my Walmart card.....


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