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Well, sending one off to try to have a charge off that was subsequently paid off removed from my credit. It was in 2004 so perhaps they'll take it off. Wish me luck!
Question, for those of you who've sent them, how long did it usually take for you to get some kind of response? Whether it was from the company responding to you or you simply saw it removed from your credit report?  Also, I got my credit scores from myFICO and correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you have 30 days to view it.  If your scores change, does the report you can view change or will it always be what it is from the time you pay for it and you won't see any changes that have been made?
Thanks, and keeping my fingers crossed they'll remove this one.  Gotta get my scores up!!! Only 3 other baddies (2 credit cards that have been consolidated and the bankruptcy from '99).
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Re: GW & PFD

Results very... A week to three even six months... If no response after a month re-send and continue until you have been acknowleged... Good, bad or otherwise.


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