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Have rebuilt credit, now need to help wife. What's next?

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Have rebuilt credit, now need to help wife. What's next?

This is my first post on these forums after reading numerous threads.  Many knowledgeable folks here and I'm learning a lot.  Now perhaps you can give some insight into my particular situation.  


In my early to mid-twenties, I didn't give so much thought to my credit worthiness.  Some 30/60/90's, a couple charge offs, all over 7 years old.  Now in my thirties, I've spent the last decade trying to build a strong history.  I'm getting there I think.  I bought a house last year and benefited from a sub 4% rate.  The same year I secured funding for my business and the business credit card has a very large limit.  My personal accounts need some work.  I have a Chase account with a $1700 limit (my go-to, paid off each month), a Cap One with $3500 limit (at 65% right now), a BofA with $500 limit, Lowes GE with $1200, Best Buy with $1000.  The last three are paid in full upon use.  No new accounts for the last couple years, and no CLI on any of these in recent memory.  


My question is, what should my focus be/steps to take now to continue to strengthen my score?


At the same time, my wife needs some desperate help.  She has numerous charge offs and closed several accounts prior to our involvement in each other's finances while dating - a move I might not have advised her to make.  She now has only two open credit card accounts.  


I would like to help her rebuild her credit as well.  


Any thoughts and guidance is certainly appreciated!

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Re: Have rebuilt credit, now need to help wife. What's next?

I would try for a CLI on your lowes card. It is a GECRB card, which means a soft pull CLI every 4 or so months. You can call the backdoor number in the backdoor numbers thread under the "credit cards" board, on my phone otherwise I would just link.

I would pay down that capital one as much as you can and ask for CLIs on all of your cards. Chase is a HP for cli, and I think BoA is as well, if these cards are working for you, you dont NEED to app for anything else.

As for your wife, I would go over to the "Rebuilding Your Credit" board here on myfico and make a post maybe with some more specifics. Over there you'll probably get some really great information pertaining to goodwills and how to help her score out a little bit.

Hope this helps!
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