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Hi I have some questions regarding my credit file.   I ha...

I have some questions regarding my credit file.
I have 2 revolving accts that state they are closed but in good standing. If they are closed then why the heck are they still there and these are credit cards in which I never used so why are they even posted on my report and are they doing me more harm than good?should I see about getting them removed or leave them there?
I have 1 revolving acct that states it is not rated. I was an authorized user on the acct. it says A settlement was accepted is there any way for me to have this removed from credit file?
I have 1 open Installment it says collection acct. but it is actually a old phone bill like 4 or 5 yrs old( installment is usually in regards to a loan or something of that nature correct yes / no)  this one is dated  ...Date opened 01/2007..Begin balance date 05/2007.
These dates are not accurate and so Im wondering if this could be grounds for removal of the collection from my credit file.
Dont get me wrong I plan on paying what I owe and that is one of the reasons I applied for my loan ( so I can pay off past/current debt) but I was hoping if I could get any of the accounts removed then that would be one less item that doesnt look bad for my credit file. But I figure if I dont get it paid then sooner or later it will come back to haunt me . so in no way am I trying to get out of paying my debt Im trying like heck to rebuild my credit. 
 thank you for any advice I look forward to your opinions
Thank you
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Re: Hi I have some questions regarding my credit file.   I ha...

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As to #1   all good tl will stay for 10 years
All neg.remarks from a TL  will fall off in 7 years
You want to keep any open or closed account that have no neg. attached.
A part of your score is in history....the longer the history the better!!!!!
#2  as an AU  you are not respomsible for bill...DISPUTE with the CRA  as not mine!! It should be deleted
#3  Phone bill....send CA a DV letter. Be sure to send it CMRRR.  link to all letters & how to use them
NEVER ADMIT to owing a bill. Make the collection agency prove it!!!!!!! I never talk to them on the phone either. You can not trust them.

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Re: Hi I have some questions regarding my credit file.   I ha...

1. All positive accounts report on your CR for 10 years after they are closed. Negative accounts report for 7 years after they are closed. It doesn't matter if you never used the card, they still report your account. If you have a positive credit history then these 2 revolving accounts shouldn't be hurting your score. You will probably not be able to have them removed unless you can prove that they don't belong to you or the information being reported is incorrect (in which case it will be corrected, not deleted).
2. Dispute the settled account as not belonging to you. As an AU you are not responsible for the cardholder's issues.
3. Installment does not always mean that the account is a loan... Sometimes it just means you agreed to pay them for something for a certain amount of time. For example I had an account with Bally's that showed up as an installment account but it was not a loan, it was my monthly dues that I agreed to pay for 3 years. You can dispute the dates for the account to get them corrected, but you can't get the account removed unless you PFD or can prove that the account doesn't belong to you.
As the previous poster said, DO NOT negotiate with the CA over the phone. Do everything in writing. They will try to trick you and intimidate you over the phone, and you can't prove anything that they supposedly said, so it's in your best interest to do it in writing. It gives you proof and backup.

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