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Inncorrect Reciept


Inncorrect Reciept

At the beginning of the month I had swiped one of my cards at a small grocery co-op.  I don't remember which card it was but I thought it was one of my two visa's, because I remember not being sure if they accepted Discover, which is currently my favorite card.  The reciept agrees with this and says visa, but it doesn't have the account number (*************1234) listed.


I was in the middle of a move at that time and did not have access to a secure internet connection until the 19th, so I was not able to check any of my accounts until then.  After reconsiling my accounts with the reciepts, I realized I couldn't find that transaction anywhere almost three weeks later.  It turned out I must of swiped my discover card, because the card was on it when I was going through my statement.


Is this something that has happened to someone else, where the reciept showed the wrong card type?

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Re: Inncorrect Reciept

No, I have not had that experience.


Sometimes the person swiping the card hits the wrong key (mc, visa, disc, amex), so it may have printed what the person thought it was.



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Re: Inncorrect Reciept

If the merchant does not have an agreement with the processor, than a card can not go through. All Visa cards start with a 4, Master Card 5, Amex 3, etc. However, sometimes a processor will add an additional card for processing and the merchant may not remember or "push" that type of card.  

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