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Joint account questions


Joint account questions

Im looking to improve my credit score by applying for some joint accounts with my girlfriend, who has a very high score. I have some questions: 1. Will we get approved for new credit if my score is like 595 and hers is 720? In other words, will my score scare lenders away? 2. I am planning on getting these accounts to dilute my debt and lower my utilization levels. Is this a good way to go about it? 3. Will the benefits of diluting the debt be offset by the hits I receive for opening new aCCTS? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rob
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Re: Joint account questions

As a joint account  it will show on both CR. I do not know how each lender will handle it.Your score might not mean anything to them as she is in good standing.
I would think it would help your score but I do not know by how much.
I just applied for 5 new cards for DH & wow did it help him. he was at 85 UTI   now I think he is below 30%    but his score was   EQ 688
They will take her CL + her UTI  and add it to you also.You will not get here scores. But it might help you get your up.
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