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Just a little clownin' around....

Hello everyone - Just wanted to say a few things about going through this process of cleaning things up. NEVER GIVE UP! For some (me) the task of getting my self-created mess (lived above my means) taken care of involved LOTS of patience and a plan with each of the CO. Sticking to my plan over the years has worked great. Everything's paid off with just CURRENT loans being paid back with excellent history. I'm hoping time will continue to raise my score which I never looked at until recently (mid 6's). Old stuff that hurts my score is paid CO that aren't going away (I'm tryingt). I never knew this forum existed. What great resources we all have in each other!!! Like many, a second job is a must to stick to 'the plan'. So I became a clown. Heck, it pays GREAT and when tips come along, they have no idea that they're helping a happy clown get out of debt. Always made me laugh. Tip away, I would say! Anyways, I still do my second job and it reminds me to have fun, no matter the situation. This process is slow and steady, but after a short time of reading on this forum, I learned that I can try GW letters to remove /correct some bad info - but GOOD news with one old CO - I called him the other morning and after 3 yrs or so, I asked if he remembered me (and he said yes! I'm friendly) - and I told him that it was on my report as paid, but could he delete it and he said SURE !!! So IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK!! Now Midland is another story. They're reporting incorrect info about lates when they couldn't even verify what the bill was. I finally paid them just to leave me alone. Ugh. Maybe my GW letter will get into the right hands. Anyways my point is (sorry for the long post!) - HAVE patience, HaVE A PLAN and HAVE FUN. Even clowns get into debt. Question: If there's a paid CO on my report on 1 (not all 3) , showing closed but with a balance (Arrow Financial) but says it's due to come off in the next year - Should I contact them? Thanks everyone. This site rocks!
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Re: Just a little clownin' around....

No, I would not contact them.  Just let sleeping dogs lie.  No point in waking up the giants and causing yourself to get a ding on your report.  Even if you pay this, it will not make a difference in your score and will probably show up as a new collection from what I have learned from the forum and could cause your score to drop.
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Re: Just a little clownin' around....

OH NO....i would leave well enough alone since it's due to fall off in 2008. I believe if you contact them, they can reset the date, and you could possibly have to wait another miserable 7 years!!!! By the way..welcome to the best credit forum ever!!!  :smileyhappy:
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Re: Just a little clownin' around....

Yea, let it be. Technically paying does not reage, but I have have seen it happen. Not worth the hassle since it will be gone soon. Curious, when in 2008 will it fall off? If it's early 2008 you can try and dispute now as obsolete.

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