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Misrpresentation of CA!

Hi everyone,
I'm new to the board, but trust me, I am reading as much as I can because my Husband and I are in dire straits right now and we are trying to figure out whether we should file BK-7, or just wait for charge-offs and then try to pay what we can to get them off of the reports.
Our scores have dropped dramatically within the past two months!!

My question is, (besides any advice on the above with the BK and CO's), is...  I received many messages on my answering machine sayiing "It is imperitive that you call Mr. Jones as soon as possible at ***-***-****.
They never said who the call was for, what it was about .... nothing.

So finally, after being so disgusted with them calling just about every 15 minutes or so, I answered the call.
Turns out, when I answered, this woman asked for me!  I said yes... and who's calling?
Well,  she was being very evasive and finally told me who they were and who they were calling for.  It was a collection agency calling for Capital One!  There was no Mr. Jones!!!
I pretty much jumped down her throat, and asked her for their address because I was going to write them a letter telling them to stop calling and that I considered it a form of harrasment and misrepresentation.
After all of that, (and even when she put me on hold before giving me the address and I'm sure, putting her supervisor on/recording), she still asked me if I was going to be able to make a payment!!!
I told her that I would not be speaking to them anymore and that if they call again, they would be dealing with my attorney!

Does anyone think that this was a good way to handle this?  Is there anything else I should do?  My phone is ringing off the hook with collectors right now and it's making me insane.
I feel so bad, but I just can't do anything about it.
We are in a bad financial way.
Any advice for anything I've written would be well received!
Thanks for reading!!!  Please help!!!
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Re: Misrpresentation of CA!

You did the best you could at the time. I hope all turns out right. How much debt are you in? If you don't mind, list all the creditors and the amounts owed.
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Re: Misrpresentation of CA!

Hi Cory,
Well, I'm not sure I feel comfortable listing all of the creditors at this time, but I can say that it is all revolving CC debt, and it's around $40,000.00!
If you don't mind, why would you want to know who the creditors are and how much they are owed?  Does it make a difference?
Thanks so much!

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