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No Equifax Record

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No Equifax Record

Hey folks,


Your help would be greatly appreciated.


I have been living in the US for about 3.5 years after moving from Canada with my my US born wife.


Even though I now have a US issued Amex, Cap One Mastercard and a car loan through VW Credit, I still don't have an Equifax credit file.  I have spent hours upon hours on the phone trying to fix that problem, but to no avail.


No issues with Transunion or Experian.  I also contact each of my credit issuers and they all confirmed transmitting monthly info to Equifax as they similarly send the info to the other credit agencies.


So after 2 years of back and forth...I still can't get an Equifax report.  I have submitted copies of my id's, driver licennse, utility bills, and even letters from my credit card issuers showing my monthly payments over 2 years.   Still they say, they can not verify my identity.



Anyone who can help guide me through this would be appreciated!



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